The Citizen of the Year Awards team are delighted to announce that the charities being supported this year are Macmillan and Side by Side Theatre.

About Macmillan

Today 889 people will be hit with the news that they have cancer, then it will hit everyone who loves them. But up to a quarter of people face cancer without support from family or friends. No one should face cancer alone. And with your support no one will.

About Side by Side Theatre

Side by Side Theatre is a local charitable organisation involving adults with and without learning difficulties. In their own words from their website:

Side By Side was founded to give “adults with learning disabilities” the opportunity of developing and sharing with audiences their performing talents. Over the years all our performing members have benefited from working with such a wide-ranging group of people. Our inclusive approach allows sharing of skills, develops confidence and assertiveness skills, whilst drawing out previously undiscovered talents. “Labels” are shed – the emphasis is on abilities not disabilities. Some members take on the role of mentors, discovering the rewards that come from helping others. Through this they help to achieve goals that were previously thought unattainable, and many close links and friendships have developed.